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Range Rules

  • RANGE IS OPEN FROM 7:00am TO A SPECIFIC TIME POSTED AT DRIVEWAY!!! and on the main page.

  • NO AUTOMATIC FIRE. The range is not approved for auto fire.

  • Aim. At least put up a target and try to hit it.(no hip shooting)

  • Paper targets only

  • Clean up after yourself, we provide trash cans, please use them.$250 ticket for litter may be imposed

  • Please leave a donation at the gate.

  • Range is CLOSED during the gun deer season every year.

  • Respect others.

  • Range closed sign means, THE RANGE IS CLOSED


This range is open to the public as a courtesy. Repeated abuse of this courtesy will result in the ending of the courtesy.

Please ask anyone breaking these rules to stop it. THEY ARE GOING TO RUIN YOUR ABILITY TO USE THIS RANGE!

If you are shooting after these posted times you will be trespassing and subject to prosecution under the law.

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